16 Steps To Clean Up and Optimize Your Pinterest Account

If you’re using a Pinterest account for a long time, you’ve probably up to hundreds of boards and pins without optimization. Most Pinterest account holders are not aware of account optimization.

But if you are thinking of promoting your business then this visual search engine would be very helpful for you. One thing you should know that around 320 million people are actively using this social media network and visual search engine.

That means, if you’ve set up your mind to earn money from this network, you must clean up and optimize your account properly. So we will discuss how to clean up and optimize your Pinterest account easily.

The first and foremost thing is to start following the Pinterest Community Guidelines in the right way.

Don’t panic if you are still wondering how to start it. I am going to reveal everything step by step so you can find it easier. The Pinterest community is not just about DIY tutorials, cluttered boards as well as vertical pictures.

It is important to tidy things up a bit so you can drive traffic to your blog or website in a maximum amount. Doing so, it would be easier for your audience to reach and find you.

I am not only going to tell you about the Pinterest account clean up but also make it well optimized so you can drive traffic from this site. Therefore, we’ll focus on all of the important things regarding Pinterest account optimization.


How To Clean Up and Optimize Your Pinterest Account:

1. Switch Your Pinterest Account to a Business Account:

Switching your Pinterest account to a business account offers access to Pinterest audience insights, analytics as well as rich pins for websites.

After switching, include your business name in your profile. It will help your account to appear more professional even much more.

Do you know why I love using Pinterest? Because switching personal accounts to a business account is entirely free of cost and it’s amazing overall.

To complete this procedure, follow the given steps below:

  • Sign in to your Pinterest account
  • Visit www.pinterest.com/business/convert/
  • Now fill out the given form with your business name and website
  • Select the business category
  • Click to create an account.

2. Activate Rich Pins:

Once you have created your business Pinterest account, it’s time to claim your website or blog as well as activate Rich Pins. Claiming your website means to tie all of the rich pins that link to that website where you want to drive traffic.

It will help Pinterest users to see your profile at the top whenever they view your submitted pins. After you’ve done it properly will help you to get more leads, followers, and potential customers.

Besides, rich pins will help your followers to get you easily on the Pinterest platform and can even appear in the user’s feed and on the recommendations list.

3. Claim Instagram and YouTube accounts:

If you fully understand website matters then you can also claim your YouTube, Instagram accounts easily. All of the linking or saved contents to your attached YouTube channel will appear on this platform including your profile.

You can simply create amazing content as well as share it on your profile. Remember: it would apply only to related accounts to your chosen business category.

4. Choose A Right Profile Photo:

Now we’ve just come to another important topic: “profile picture”. Bear in mind, your profile picture should be related to your determined business category and consistent across social platforms such as; Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

For example, if you have a website with a lifestyle niche, then choose a picture to set on the profile related to the lifestyle type. Moreover, if you have a B2B business then make sure your chosen logo looks appropriate.

5. Add Proper Keywords:

Adding relevant keywords will help Pinterest users to find you easily with your business name. You can use more than 30 characters to set your profile name on your Pinterest account. So I recommend you to use it wisely.

6. Add Profile Description:

Including proper keywords as well as a call to action in profile description is very important in Pinterest strategies. It will increase the possibility of the audience reaching you.

Make sure you put relevant keywords in your Pinterest profile description. Most important, avoid irrelevant search terms and spam of nonsensical bunch. I recommend you to use full sentences properly in your profile description.

Call to action helps you to get more visitors to your website whenever they view your profile on this social network. You can simply add the value so that they can receive it while visiting the website.

7. Applicable Location:

Of course, you have to let your audience or customers know about your physical or business location. It would be very helpful for your business if you can set it up properly.

For example, if you are running a service-based business like interior decorators, dog trainers, wedding photographers, etc. then customers can easily visit you and discuss projects in person. It will help you to be a more reliable person on the Pinterest platform.

We’ve done with the primary objectives of setting up your Pinterest account properly with a nice business look.

Now we’ll let you know how you can clean up your Pinterest boards properly. Follow these steps below consequently.

8. Add Relevant Pinterest Boards:

Once you’ve converted your personal Pinterest account to a business account, you won’t be able to quiet many Pinterest boards. Pinterest boards should be relevant to your business niche or the brand of the business.

However, I suggest you use 20 relevant Pinterest boards for a minimum. For example, if you have a wedding photography business based in LA, United States, then you should set your business location in LA such as flower arrangements, proposal shoots, etc.

I mean all of the taken steps should be relevant to your target audience. So, it would be wiser to decide if you give proper priority to the audience’s geography matter.

9. Eliminate Irrelevant Pinterest Boards:

I just have told you to add relevant Pinterest boards to your business account. It means you should not keep those boards that are not relevant to your business niche. I know you’re here to know how to clean up your Pinterest account.

Remember: this step is fundamental to make your business account cleaned up as well as get targeted followers and so on. However, do not go to delete those boards right now because I’ve got a better way to tell you.

According to Pinterest policy, bulk actions can be considered as spam behavior. You just need to go to the “edit option” and then select the irrelevant boards to switch them visible to secret.

Doing so can help you to still view all of the saved pins but it won’t appear to the public. Above all, it won’t impact badly on the Pinterest algorithm.

10. Add a Best ofBoard on Pinterest:

Adding a board in your account called “Best of” just can have your saved pins. This will make it easier for the pinners to get your published content even if they aren’t interested in what you are pinning from other Pinterest users.

11. Include relevant keywords:

Including your business, relevant keywords will increase the searchability of your boards on Pinterest. Moreover, it will help to rank up your boards so other users having the same interest can get your boards in their recommendation lists.

You can edit board names and descriptions. Just go to the edit option in your account on the desired board.

12. Upload Relevant Board Covers:

This step will help your board to be more attractive to other users. You should upload relevant as well as on-brand board covers to make your profile look more professional. Also, it will help your profile to be less cluttered. Bear in mind, upload board covers that match your business category.

13. Rearrange Pinterest Boards:

Once you’ve done with your Pinterest boards, it may be not well organized which will make your account not professional. So, go to the drop-down menu in the board’s view section. Select drag and drop to customize your boards however you want to.

14. Select more than five showcase boards:

To complete this step properly, follow these instructions below:

  • Click to open your profile settings.
  • Under the profile tab, scroll to select the featured boards.
  • Select the desired boards from the featured board’s menu.
  • Now click to save your changes.

15. Select a featured board:

This feature will appear at the top of your profile with name, description, and profile image like a header of your account on Pinterest. It’s just for aesthetic purposes but not for clickability.

Select a specific board where you only upload your business brand pins. It will make your profile purely professional on this social platform.

However, you can also select the “best of” board to set above the profile.

Follow these given instructions below to perform it properly.

  • Go to the right corner of your profile.
  • Click the edit option.
  • Select the desired board.
  • Click done to save changes.

16. Follow your relevant pinners and boards:

To get great pains to share, you should start following the boards and pinners that match your niche. Consider sharing high-quality pins so you can get great output. It will help your feed populate with relevant pins. Repin your new boards to get more audience.



I’ve tried to help you regarding Pinterest account clean-up as well as account optimization. If you face any issue or have any questions on this topic feel free to type your opinion or question in the comments section below.

I hope you will get a more relevant audience from this social platform to grow your business.

If you found this article helpful, please do not forget to share it with your friends and family. Stay tuned for the next updates.

Good Luck!

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