9 Proven Ways To Write The Perfect Instagram Captions

Hey there Instagrammers. Are you looking to become the next viral sensation? Do you want your posts to blow up? Do you want to upper your level of engagement?

Then before you do anything, you must realize the importance of a good Instagram caption and what it can do for you. Yes, your content is very important. That’s usually the first thing people see in a post. The picture. But if you don’t have a caption that’s gonna make them stay then the post wouldn’t be worth it.

So great now you locked a viewer on to your post. It’s time to hook them up to it by adding some flavor to it. The best way to improve is to improve your caption game. So the question is how to write good Instagram captions, to begin with. Well, lucky for you we got that covered.

Dive in, to know how you can improve your caption game.

How to Write Good Instagram Captions

We have already told you the importance of both engagement and good Instagram captions in a post. It’s high time we tell you how to write good Instagram captions in the first place. Since you now know the nuts and bolts, let’s dive into the topic.

1. Make Drafts:

Has it ever happened to you that after saying something you just realized maybe you could’ve said it better thus adding more value and depth to it? Has it ever happened that you thought to yourself the best Instagram caption but you’ve already posted it and editing it now would probably subject you to embarrassment?

The moral of the story is? Don’t rush it. You’ve plenty of time. Don’t go overboard. The phrase, think before you leap, can be applied here. But here it is more of make drafts before you post (bad pun sorry)

We recommend reading your writing a couple of times, reviewing them, surveying colleagues on which one is ideal, and by and large taking as much time as is needed before finalizing the draft and publishing it

You might debate that the chronological sequence and timing of posts matter much more. Be that as it may, due to the latest changes in the Instagram algorithm, the degree of reach and engagement posts get more attention than sequence. The permeability of your posts in your supporters’ feeds will rely upon the number of likes, comments, and shares the post has, the relationship you have with the individual posting, and different components. 

That is reason enough to invest some time in developing extraordinary pieces of writings in your captions that will float around for a while and for as long as it does, keep your audience and followers hooked up.

2. Don’t Clutter Information 

Instagram is streamlined for mobile users and caters to a viewing experience for its mobile user demographics. This implies just the initial 125 characters of the caption of a post appear in a  viewer’s feed. To see the remainder of the post, the user needs to click “ more.”

You need to take advantage of this before they look past it to take a peek at more intriguing posts. So intrigue your audience with the first few lines in such a way that they become interested to see what follows next.  

It doesn’t mean you’ve got to keep your captions super brief so people can see 100 percent of them without having to press or tap the see “more” to see further. Alternatively, fill up your captions with the relevant information. You can save the hashtags and other things for the end

3. Call to Action

When the question of creating further interaction comes, the easy act of adding a call-to-action in your Instagram caption and asking the followers to comment or share a photo will go a really long way.

And the best bit part is that the engagement and reach don’t end with Instagram! A strong CTA will encourage your followers to connect with your company page, sign up for a newsletter or shop online!

CTA helps divert traffic to your website by generating leads directly from the content you post on your Instagram. A good example of a call to action can be “Follow X to see more of such content” or “Visit Y to buy your preferred clothing”

4. Narrate a Story in Your Captions

Ever heard of the phrase “Pitch to tell a story”? What this essentially means is that whenever you’re presenting something tell it in a manner of telling a story. 

Instagram captions are no different. Most of the clients lean toward a brand with a legitimate, true, and customized social media presence.

You can construct genuineness and communicate yourself with your Instagram Audience by telling them a story about your brand that portrays an image of it in their head. When narrating a story, it’s better to tell things they can relate to. 

This may be anything from a concise history of the organization or item to an individual anecdote about a representative. 

5. Space it Out

Posting brief and short Instagram captions while adding a little bit of punch to them is a sure-fire way to entertain your audience and get your message across. But what if you have a lot to cover and talk about?

Whenever you write sth too big and too long, your followers usually skim through it. Sometimes they can skip it altogether. If it’s a caption with no line breaks, space, and paragraphs, then this will become a major turnoff to the people who follow you

So, grow the habit of adding line breaks and spaces between paragraphs or two long texts. Adding line breaks to your Instagram captions makes them more readable and provides readers comfort and convenience.

6. Use Hashtags

Using hashtags in a post increases your post’s reach and engagement by 12.6%. Including a hashtag in your post will undoubtedly increase its reach.

If anyone searches up a hashtag that you put, they will discover your post. You can get a lot of followers this way solely through using hashtags in your Instagram captions. Remember you can only use a total of 30 hashtags per post.

However, we do not recommend you spam your posts with so many hashtags. Let’s be honest. It’s annoying! Your followers get annoyed too. Instead, focus on the relevant hashtags that relate to your post.

For example: If you post a picture of your dog on Instagram and among many hashtags you put, one of them was #fashion or #shoes. This will make you subject to ridicule and mockery. Instead, use hashtags like #dog #puppy #animal_lover

7. Arrange Contests and Giveaways in Captions

One amazing way to maximize your engagement on Instagram is to talk about contests and giveaways in your caption. This typically helps boost your reach.

This can be as simple as saying: “Tag a friend who needs to hear this!”, or “Tag someone that would wear this!”. The best way to do this is to hold Instagram Contests & Giveaways. People are instantly charmed whenever they have the opportunity to win something over simply by making a comment 

A good example of such captions can be “To participate in my makeup giveaway, Follow me and mention your three friends in the comment section. Share my post in your story and tag me. You will be disqualified if you remove your post or follow before the giveaway is over”

This not only encourages your audience to participate and provides them an incentive to take part in the competition but also helps increase your reach and engagement by many folds.

8. Mention/tag others in your Posts

If you find this particularly needy then let us tell you how this simple tweak can increase your caption game. You probably know about the Instagram influencers. Such social networking personalities have massive follow-ups and also have a significant effect on their followers’ buying decisions.

Every time you tag someone on Instagram using the ‘@’ feature, regardless of it being a story, a caption, or a comment they get a message or are notified. They have the option to comment or share your post.

Your post might just be popping up on the hundreds and thousands of people who follow that influencer. These are people you would have never known or reached, Imagine reaching out to these fans and interacting with them

Obviously, an influencer isn’t probably going to draw in with an arbitrary post, however, on the off chance that you work with another Instagram client or post content straightforwardly identified with them, labeling them is an extraordinary method to build your span. 

Around 60% of posts label different clients, and you can see a dynamic commitment from the labeled client as a rule:


This must’ve blown your brains off. Before you swipe away from the post let me tell you what KISS means. It means “Keep It Short & Simple”

Indeed, the best thing to do with your captions is sometimes to kiss. (Last time I promise). Whenever in doubt, keep your captions concise and brief. Keep it concise or to the point so that your intended message is delivered.

People don’t usually like a lot of information thrown at their faces. Of course, this doesn’t mean you are to not post longer versions of your captions. But this emphasizes more feasibility and reality.  So keeping the habit of translating your thoughts into a few words is always welcomed.

Importance of Instagram Captions

The caption of your Instagram lets you communicate your image’s character in manners that a photograph can’t do alone. You can share stories, make wisecracks, and exemplify your business by talking explicitly with your fans and followers. You may have the option to achieve this with a video, however, that also leaves the concern that your supporters need to really watch the video first. 

Captions help to connect you to your crowd. You can pose inquiries, flash discussions, and offer opportunities to win prizes if individuals like and follow your page. Not to mention that a strong Instagram Caption with an Amazing Call-to-Action is one of the easiest ways to encourage your fans to vote on your articles. Hence, more engagement and reach.

Importance of Engagement and Reach

Starting from 2016, the posts are no longer viewed by users in a chronological sequence. Rather, content is organized depending on reach, engagement, and interest, and also the actual time when it is posted. Essentially, more engagement means that the probability of someone seeing both your current and future posts is gonna increase 

With such a significant number of brands utilizing Instagram, your organization needs to stick out. The most ideal approach to do this is to customize your business through fascinating, significant captions and connecting with inscriptions.  

And though stars like Kylie Jenner will get away with a simple moon emoji as a tag, for advertisers and influencers, the detailed captions that show genuineness and creativity will almost always deliver better results


None of the things we said today are a sure-hit way to ensure what you’re looking for. They may or may not work for you depending on how you implicate them or incorporate them into your routine. We are hopeful that if you follow the guidelines we gave, you are bound to achieve success sooner or later. So keep trying and experimenting with different pots and captions and see what works best for you.

Nevertheless, we are always here to help you. If there are any doubts or queries that you may be having, please clear the confusion and ask us away. Have you ever done any of the things we mentioned in this article before? Would you recommend our article to any of your friends? What’s your take on Instagram captions and their engagement? Please share your experience with us.

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