Why Should You Ignore Monthly Viewers on Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms at the present age. With the Pinterest new design launched, you may see there is a new appearing function on the top of Pinterest profiles. I was thinking of sharing it with you as well as my other readers on this topic.

One of my readers asked me very recently what is the good number of monthly viewers on Pinterest? Hence, I hopped over on it as well as made a few calculations. And the answer is you really shouldn’t worry about the number of monthly viewers on Pinterest, because it’s a vanity stat.

For example, I have around 800K+ monthly viewers on the Pinterest platform, which sounds impressive right? Unfortunately, the 800K+ monthly viewers do not mean you can get 800K+ monthly new traffic to your website to generate your earnings.

To be honest, I can say it’s just several stats and nothing else. When I start calculations on this topic, I’ve come to understand that the traffic stat is all over the place. Some people get just 3 followers per month, while some users get over 300.

Above all, we can say the follower’s section isn’t the most significant part to make your blog grow as well as increase the number of monthly earnings. Yes, it’s true that having followers there is a possibility to get shared your Pinterest content, and so on.

When you pin one of your content from your website on Pinterest, followers can see it and react to it and it can bring social engagement to your content. Without having a ton of followers on this platform, you may get a ton of monthly views because of Pinterest’s smart feed.

What do Pinterest monthly viewers mean?

The accurate answer to this question is, the number of people you see or the monthly viewers you see on Pinterest who have “seen” your saved pins. Specifically, it means your saved pins could appear on other users’ feeds. But it doesn’t mean that the other user who saved your pin even clicked on or even his saved is closely related to your pin.

Maybe they just scroll their smart feed as we do usually and one of the pins could appear on that user’s feed somehow which also counts as many viewers on Pinterest.

Remember: it just counts as some “views” and that’s it. Those viewers might come from others else’s pins that you saved to your boards. For example, if you saved any pin that went viral, means the number of monthly viewers on Pinterest would shoot up.

Moreover, if you save pins from a very popular topic such as; weddings, sports, food, or fashion even if you write about positive parenting on your blog, your monthly viewers will go up very fast.

However, what’s the point if you get around 2M monthly viewers on Pinterest but don’t get traffic conversions? This viewer’s number is just valueless because you can’t make money with this. Therefore, Pinterest monthly viewers can be considered a vanity metric that you can choose to ignore.

A high number of monthly viewers on Pinterest indicates your pins are showing up in different feeds which could mean:

  • You have lots of followers on Pinterest
  • Maybe someone saved your pin who has a long follower list.
  • Your saved pin probably went viral.
  • You are using proper keywords that match your pins which are showing on others’ feeds.

Why do Pinterest monthly viewers doesn’t matter much?

The number you see as a monthly viewer on your Pinterest platform indicates the number of people who saw your pins somehow but didn’t interact necessarily. Sharing my own experience, I’ve seen thousands of pins on Pinterest on my feed and forgotten while I scroll them down.

Just seeing pins is fairly worthless. I am not concerned about the number of people who have seen my pins if they do not interact properly with my pins such as; sharing, commenting, etc. I just want to see other users’ proper interaction with all of my creating posts as well as the time spent spinning.

Sharing my content and taking their buns over to my website or blog can help me to generate earnings and let my blog grow up day by day. On the flip side, a high number of monthly viewers isn’t entirely worthless but shows that your Pinterest account is healthy and active.

Besides, it indicates that your saved pins are appearing on others’ feeds and search results. No one can control this sector because the monthly viewer number is solely based on seasonality factors.

For example, if your post is about the upcoming Christmas and you post it just before this occasion like 1 month ago then your post could be viral. By doing so, you can make your Pinterest account popular but no guarantee that you’ll make money with this.

Monthly viewers are just vanity numbers

Never get serious with the monthly viewers you get on your Pinterest account because it’s just vanity numbers. Suppose, I got 3M monthly viewers in the last month and it disappeared from Pinterest, I would not complain.

Many people like me never think about these vanity numbers even if they usually do not share their monthly viewers’ numbers with other people. Therefore, if you’re ever feeling concerned about this issue please stop doing it.

Because it’s just a number and unable to divert these viewers you get to your blog. This means, you can’t make money with this, so why take it seriously?

What metrics should you look at?

To measure your Pinterest marketing success, you should consider how much traffics are you getting to your affiliate site or blog from this platform and how many conversions are you getting as well.

Consider the number of email signups, purchases, page view duration, the number of your sales pages visited, and so on you get to see in Google Analytics. Installing the google analytics plugin in your WordPress can help you to know how many clicks and conversations you’re getting on every day exactly.

I also look at the number of saved pins that are resonating with the viewers on Pinterest. The more pins you save, the higher the chance to get more monthly viewers on your account just. That is why using Google Analytics can give you an accurate picture of daily clicks and conversions on time.

Follow these tips below to make your Pinterest account worthwhile:

1. Checking analytics daily is not important

Instead of checking Google analytics to check the traffic quality, the number of traffics, conversions, etc. regularly, do it once or twice a month. Using analytics can help you not to get blinded by numbers.

While you start researching analytics take a dig deep to know which pins are working and which are not in your Pinterest account. Doing so can help you to tweak your Pinterest strategy with great ideas.

2. Don’t get panic if your monthly viewers go down

Due to the changing of the Pinterest algorithm, anything could be changed and Pinterest users can feel this change.  If you see the number of monthly viewers of your Pinterest account going down, don’t be concerned about it.

The reason could be you are not pinning regularly or your Pinterest audience is not using Pinterest for a short period. Another reason could be that your viewers may have gone up due to some viral pins for a small time and that is why you’re seeing the monthly viewers’ number gradually wear off.

3. Spend time on Pinterest strategy

To get good output from the Pinterest platform, you should focus on its strategy. Focus on Pinterest marketing, the quality of content, finding the relevant boards, etc. And, keep pinning every day that makes your account healthy and your pins would appear on other users’ smart feeds who have the same interests as you.

Take notes on performing pages using Google analytics and keep sharing top pins every few months. Make sure your pin images have good quality and are attractive.

4. Don’t fret other users

You can compare Pinterest with Instagram in this case. Do not fret other users on Pinterest with the same topic as you have 2M monthly viewers and you make 100K more or less.

Do not ask other users how they make per month even how much traffic they are getting or do not compare your traffic stats with them. Maybe with whom you’re comparing getting a lower website rather than you.

And for this reason, that person might be annoyed by your question. So, keep away from doing this.

As I told you earlier, use Google analytics to get accurate information but why didn’t mention Pinterest analytics, do you know why?

Well, I will let you know the top 3 reasons why you should ignore Pinterest analytics below.


Believe it or not, Pinterest analytics rarely provide accurate information on analytics that you cannot take into Pinterest marketing consideration. The delayed reporting factor is one of them. The stats of your pins on dashboards maybe are not up to date.

They might be 2-3 days behind, meaning you’re not getting time to time reports on traffic stats. Sharing my personal opinion, I find it frustrating because by using Pinterest analytics, I’m not getting deep information on my pins as well as on the traffic.

Pinterest says they are capable of aggregating users’ PINs but it’s not happening.

Not providing clear reports of your progress

Ask yourself, should you use Pinterest analytics if it doesn’t give you a clear representation of your Pinterest marketing progress? Don’t forget to share your answer with me in the comments section.

Their tracking system is so poor and unable to give you accurate information on traffic conversions to your blog posts.

You might get the traffic reach reports in total. Now ask yourself, is it enough for your social marketing or not?

It’s a waste of time

Pinterest analytics will suck your valuable time. This is the final reason why I discourage other social marketers to avoid Pinterest analytics. Instead of using your precious time on it, better you focus on your next blog posts which can generate at least a few bucks for you.

Final Recommendation:

My last recommendation for you on this topic is to say bye to Pinterest analytics and say hello to Google analytics. If you are serious to learn the insight of social marketing as well as keeping tracking your upcoming traffic to your blog posts, you should think of something else but better outside of Pinterest.

If you’re already using Google Analytics, it’s good. And, if you face any issues while using this tool, drop your important message in the comments section below. Hopefully, you might get help from me.

Don’t forget to share this article if you find it beneficial for your Pinterest marketing.

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