Why You Should Create Multiple Pins For Blog Posts

Have you ever wondered why your successful social media marketer gives priority to creating multiple pins for a single blog post for Pinterest?

Well, it is very significant to evaluate what you’re uploading besides your profile image, description, headline, and of course pin image design. Therefore, I always recommend my readers to create Pinterest multiple pins for blog posts.

Doing so can help you to drive more traffic to your website. Actually, who doesn’t want to get an organic targeted audience from social platforms at no cost?

5 Reasons for Creating Multiple Pins for Blog Posts

Let’s explore all of the possible reasons for creating multiple pins on Pinterest one by one.

1. Optimize Pinterest SEO

Before you expect traffic from Pinterest, you must think about Pinterest SEO optimization. Using WordPress, you can get a plugin on it that will let you attach a Pinterest image to your published articles.

Thus, it will also help your website to increase its ranking position in the google search engine. Pinterest can be a good traffic source for beginners at no cost. Diversify your website traffic whenever you can.

You should write Pinterest descriptions in a specific HTML tag that is designed for data-pin-description. Moreover, there are many HTML codes that you can amazingly customize the images for your blog post on this social platform.

Unfortunately, many bloggers find it difficult to fix but if you follow the guidelines properly it would be nothing to you.

2. Pinning only own content isnt spamming:

According to the 2020 Pinterest survey, pinning only its contents won’t be marked as spam as well looks perfectly in their eyes. That means this isn’t against the Pinterest policy.

However, we just should not follow the path of Pinterest’s algorithm but pin for other users also. I loosely utilized this technique for 80% of my content and 20% of others’ content which supports my content to get higher in rank.

Bear in mind that, pinning posts from other users is not just a matter of clicking through and looking at the post. Many users use spamming methods to get higher in ranking positions but Pinterest does look at pins that are not yours when you evaluate your account.

Pinterest also provides the most qualified audience so you should pin yours and other pins which complement your content.

3. Treat Pinterest as a search engine:

Most people in the present world accept Google as the most powerful search engine and I agree with it. But if you want to get a great output such as drive more social audience to your blog post to get earn then start treating Pinterest as a good social search engine.

However, we do not learn in the same way but differently. One person is unable to resonate as well as teach others. And it does not make good sense so Pinterest is not exceptional.

While you resonate with other users, some people will resonate with other bloggers. Above all, we can say there is a difference between teaching and implementing which varies from person to person. Don’t worry, it won’t impact badly on your audience flow but offers them more resources to choose from.

It will show your audience that your Pinterest page is filled with knowledge which will keep them coming back more for the next time.

4. Provide a good resource to the audience:

You must give priority to your audience if you want to make your business grow. Add valuable resources so people feel curious to view your posts. Creating multiple pins can help your post to get popularity among other audiences according to your niche.

This is where people come to pins into play. Each and everyone has different kinds of skills so if we pin out our niche as well as create our niche can get huge feedback from this platform.

For example, I think bigger when I start writing for my blog but there are also several things related to blog or website development. So, if I start re-pin that kind of post on my own Pinterest account can grab more audience. Later, I can drive them to my website to sell products and get long-listed subscribers. So, do not just focus on your niche.

Make sure you should create an individual Pinterest board for that topic you choose. Thus, your audience on this platform can come back to your Pinterest page again and again which you can get from repining relevant posts.

5. Users are more likely to reciprocate:

There are a couple of points that can be made here:

When you start pinning others’ pins on this social platform, they will get notifications from Pinterest. Hence they can come to visit your profile and also to see your Pinterest boards, profile image as well as description, etc. In this way, you can have a nice and big community on this platform at no cost.

Users may like to visit your blog and share good posts on your website even. Thus your website will grow means your business will grow also. Another factor is to focus on your Pinterest profile which is not just a walking promotion.

Audiences usually like to spend more time on your profile even if they visit again and again if they find something interesting. So, it would be a really wise decision if you start repining other users’ pins by creating separate boards for them.

It will help you to give you more and more traffic and can receive more re-pins with more organic clicks.

4 Tips for Your Pinterest Marketing Campaign

Before you start the re-pinning technique, I would like to let you know a few but 100% effective tips that you can follow while starting marketing on Pinterest.

Let’s discuss it directly one by one.

Check the dead links

Following this technique might take some time for you but it amazingly works. Unfortunately, there are many links on Pinterest that show 404 errors or take you to a spamming website.

It won’t help you to grab the audience if your re-pins also dead link posts. Make sure whether your chosen links work or not. Otherwise, re-pins won’t work for you successfully if your re-pins dead links somehow or without checking them properly.

Above all, if you re-pins that kind of link on Pinterest which has the right value, then you may get good feedback from the audience. Otherwise, things won’t go through as nicely as you expect.

Start pinning consistently

Maybe you’re familiar with this advice but I would like to tell you that you should keep pinning consistently and pretty often. Following this advice can help you to get more re-pins, showing a higher level of rank in smart feeds on Pinterest.

Also, it can help you to get the right value on this social platform. If you can maintain these guidelines, Pinterest can help you to show up your Pins to an audience who has the same kind of interests.

For example, if you choose an autopilot niche or have a website or blog on this niche then you can pin new content as well as re-pins other’s content relevant to you.

By doing so, Pinterest can help you to get targeted audiences so you can drive them to your website. Maybe it takes time but you can be benefited for a long time in the future.

Resonate headings and images:

People won’t click through even if they aren’t going to re-pin your content if your pin’s images, as well as headings, are not resonating with your audience. For this reason, I highly prescribe you test out pins for every of your published blog content to apprehend what your audience exactly wants from you.

Because pins must be solely niched dependent so you should check them properly to take care of your audience’s demands. Another important thing is most people scroll very quickly while they surf the internet or even news feed on any kind of social network.

So if your pinned images with headings are not catchy then maybe people are not going to feel curious to know what you posted. As a result, they won’t click through and you won’t get a good audience.

That is why I prescribe you to focus on good-quality images with catchy headings while you pin and re-pin on Pinterest.

Create a new template:

Creating new templates for Pinterest images would be great if you do so. I follow this technique so I recommend you. I already have created several new templates that work for my aesthetic.

I use Photoshop or illustrator to create a series of new eye-catching templates so I recommend you to do so. If you are not good at the graphic designing sector or at least have minimum knowledge can take help from the canvas.

But the problem is it seems more straightforward. On the other hand, using adobe Photoshop or illustrator provides some amazing smart features which you can get from Adobe products. Using these kinds of software is not difficult but easier and more efficient.

Final Recommendation

Pinterest is a great social platform where you can get targeted real audiences to drive them into your website as well as promote affiliate products and so on. I love this platform because it takes no money but needs to follow its policy while marketing.

We have discussed almost everything regarding Pinterest’s multiple pins topic. Read this article entirely, take notes of important things, and start implementing my tips. I hope you can have a good experience.

Drop your words in the comment section below. If you found this post useful please do not forget to share it with your friends and family. Stay tuned for the next updates.

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