How to Write a Killer ‘About Me’ Page for a Blog

If you ask me about writing an about me page in the blog, then without any hesitation, I will say that it is one of the most daunting works for me. But if you are preparing your blog, the inclusion of the about me page is essential to give your readers the perfect idea of yourself. From the reader’s point of view, it is very important to know the person from whose blog I am reading the contents.

However, no matter how daunting it sounds to create an about me page, it isn’t that hard to create a one actually if you follow the proper about me page examples and templates. Hence, down below, I will discuss everything you need to know about how to write a killer about me page for a blog. Make sure to stay and read the whole content, and by the end of the article, you will be shocked to find out that you are now fully ready to create your own about me page.

10 Steps to create your own killer about me page

1. Try to attract and grab the attention of people.

It is the first and most important step to create a killer about me page; you need to grab people’s full attention. In short, you need to create a bold statement that sells yourself to the people. This statement must be very firmed and done in such a way that readers get interested in you and decide to continue to your blog.

But, try to include few lines which are meant for your potential readers, which will show that your readers are your first priority.

2. Include a jolly picture of yourself

 Visual connection is always more valuable than just texts, hence include a smiling picture of yourself, which will attract your readers, and this will create a more secure connection of you with them. Bloggers often mistake that they emphasize way too much to focus on promoting their own products but not themselves. In your about me page, you need to promote your brand also.

People need to connect with the individual more than the business. The individual behind a business offers life to it. Your pursuers need to see you in your place (which is the spot they need to get to), they need to see your name. That is the thing that will make your image, business, and about me page noteworthy.

3. Proper formatting and alignment of your page

 Proper alignment and formatting of your about me page are necessary since this will look better in your readers’ eyes. Try to write in smaller font sizes rather than enormous text sizes and do not write everything in a single paragraph. Instead, make short paragraphs of 3-4 lines.
Also, use proper bold titles and subtitles to gain more attention from your readers. A good about me page always should be in such a way that it will give your readers a complete idea about the entire contents of your blog and what is the main aim of your blog.

A quick tip: Give a quick read after you have done the formatting and see if it looks appealing to your eyes or not.

4. Hotshot Your skills and knowledge

If you cannot stand out from the rest of the crowd, then you are about me page won’t be attractive, and your blog’s success will deem down, you have to show why you are different from the rest and what makes you unique. Anyone can claim that they have the skills and knowledge, but this claim is a void one without proper proof.

Hence, add some proofs like trust logos from big renowned sites, social proof; in short, add any solid statement that you can provide, which shows that you are not just blabbering and can deliver what you are talking about.

You can likewise flaunt information like traffic details and also your money statements from affiliate links in case you are working as an affiliate marketer.

There’s nothing you should state that you have no support for. If your claim got no proof, then you are nothing but a fake scammer clown to your readers.

5. Try to address your readers softly.

While talking about something, don’t just try to act like superior, even if you know more. Just make sure that your words don’t make your readers feel like complete idiotsA killer about me page gives the reader a vibe of friendliness; your readers should feel a good connection with you and think of you as a good friend with whom they want to stay connected.

6. Relate your story to your readers

 The most impressive killer about me pages follow a common trend; they use words that trigger certain feelings in their readers and make them consider them to be theirs as well. A short example might make this more clear for you, for instance, I’m an affiliate marketer and I’m writing a blog to address small business owners, then I will probably say my income was not up to the mark, and I wasn’t able to sell products properly, later I learned the process of affiliate marketing and my business grew, and I was also able to earn extra cash by promoting products of other people.

The story catches the torment that they are experiencing at this moment, the agony of the business falling flat on the grounds that their plans suck, and they do not know what to do, and then they will be more attracted to my blog and hire me as an affiliate marketer.

It is an outstanding catch to show your middle part of the journey showing your struggles that helped you to reach the top. This works as a bridge to connect you and your readers emotionally. Hence, to create a killer bout me page, don’t just promote your business instead of including the stories of your struggles and success.

7. Write in the language that your readers can read.

You already know who are your potential readers, a good blogger always keeps track of his/her readers, and it is a very important point. So, it is always beneficial for you to write in the language that your readers speak.

For instance, in a blog about technology, use the term sleekinstead of good-looking, this will attract more readers, and they will think of you as one of them. Speaking in the language of your readers is always more beneficial, and you can be sure that doing these will create a special place for you in their hearts.

Now, you may be confused about how to find the language that your readers are using. Well, it is very easy to just go to the forums and social media groups where they hang out from there. You can easily find out the words they are constantly using. The inclusion of these words will make your about me page more attractive and eyecatchy.

8. Include What’s in it for them.”

 We have discussed how to attract your readers with emotional alignments, but it is important that you include one more thing, and this what benefits they will get from thing blog and staying with you.

As a reader, it is common to leave your blog; but to keep them agitating with you, you need to show that your blog only doesnt talk about the problems but also provides the perfect solution for it.

Like for a graphic design specialist about me page

Im not just going to talk about your problems, but I will provide you with the perfect graphic designing solutions and take your business to the very top that you have been long waiting for.”

Get something clear; no one is reading your blog just for the sake of reading, they came across your page just because they faced problems regarding the issue and they are here scrolling through many different pages with a wish to grow their business.

9. Easy to find queries

Your ‘about me’ page should always be created in such a way that the readers can find out the topic easily which they are looking for. It shouldnt be a hassle for them to look for their required topics in your blog.

You may have a couple of various readers, and every one of them needs to see contents that identify with them, and probably they are searching for your best content or only looking to discover the member items and affiliate products tool that you use.

In your blogs about me page, It would be best if you additionally made it simple for them to discover what you need them to discover.

10. Keeping people with you

You simply dont just want people to come, visit your page and find out that you are the perfect candidate for the work they are looking for, and then simply seeing them leave. Odds are, regardless of whether they recall you, they won’t return to your site except if you give them enough motivation to.

You should incorporate a source of inspiration to either get them on your rundown (which is my top pick) or get them to follow you on social media accounts like Facebook and Pinterest.

Whatever you do, request that they make a move and cause them to connect with you. This thing will make you stand out and help people to remember you, and in the long run, this will make enduring fans out of them.

Final Verdict

After hearing and talking with many new amateur bloggers, I have found that creating an about me page can be quite frustrating and daunting in some senses. So, I wrote this guide with an aim to give you a clear idea about how to write a killer about me page for a blog. If you follow the steps that I talked about and discussed above, you should have no problems in creating the perfect about me page, which will surely attract more readers and help you to achieve the success of your blog that you are searching for. Last and foremost don’t just depend on my writings, try doing some research on your own, and then just follow the steps to create the perfect killer about me page for a blog.

Please don’t leave yet; I have a special gift for you down below, which will ease your work of creating a about me page easier.

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