GeneratePress Theme Review: Why It is The Best WordPress Theme Ever!

The world of WordPress is pretty competitive, and to make your contents stand out from the rest of the sites, you need to customize it in such a way that it attracts more viewers, and WordPress themes play a huge role in doing so. If you are a WordPress blogger, then WordPress theme is not something new. A WordPress theme is an assortment of layouts and templates used to characterize a WordPress site’s appearance. They can be changed, overseen, and edited according to the user preferences from the WordPress administrator zone. When you are selecting the best WordPress theme for your site, the market is filled with versatile choices, all offering different services and options. Hence selecting the best theme can be confusing.
Being experienced in this arena for more than ten years and tasting hundreds of WordPress themes, I have decided to discuss with all of you  the WordPress theme that worked the most for me, and that is none other than the “GeneratePress.” Hold your horses and ready carefully because down below, I will be discussing in detail about this theme, in this GeneratePress theme review, including all its pros and cons.

GeneratePress summary


.GeneratePress WordPress is the best WordPress theme in the market out there right now, and there are suddenly many reasons for it. It will come in two versions; free and premium, no matter which version you are going for, you are sure to get all your requirements fulfilled using GeneratePress WordPress theme. It has some pretty hefty unique features in store for its users, and to know more about them, make sure to read this article thoroughly.

GeneratePress Theme ratings


Features 10/10

Ease of use 10/10

Price 9/10

Support system 10/10

Overall 9.5/10

What is GeneratePress

GeneratePress is a very well-known WordPress theme that is free for basic use and is the number one choice of many professionals who builds WordPress sites. With GeneratePress, you can efficiently work in any website niche, no matter if you are working with travel, lifestyle blogs, or anything else; GeneratePress will get you covered.
GeneratePress also has a premium plugin that you can use alongside the free version. The premium version will unlock many exclusive features that weren’t included in the free version. And if you choose your themes based on ratings, then GeneratePress will impress you here. It also got five-star ratings based on more than 700 reviews, and currently, it is managing nearly 100,000 sites. So, you can stay assured that there can be no better option than this WordPress theme. Even though it has been released for only five years, but within this short time, they had made a firm stance in the market.

Unique features offered by GeneratePress theme

You are not simply going to choose the GeneratePress theme based on its ratings; you also need to check the features properly and understand If this theme is the right option for you. In this portion of the GeneratePress theme review, I will be discussing all the unique features it has to offer.

  1. Very fast loading time 

When it comes to size, the GeneratePress theme is only 30 KB in size, which makes it one of the smallest WordPress themes out there in contrast to the size. The coding is done very smoothly compared to other WordPress themes, and it does depend on codes. Hence you can easily get away with the typical render-blocking, which is a typical error of the Google Pagespeed insights.

After testing the GeneratePress theme with most other popular WordPress themes, I was astonished by the results it showed. It had a performance grade of 87, which was ten higher compared to the average of 77. It also had a loading time of only 664ms, much higher than the standard average WordPress theme loading time of 1-3 seconds.


  1. Have full control over every content


As a developer, I want full control of my page settings, and the GeneratePress theme certainly gives me this control. Using the GeneratePress theme, with every new page and post, you will get a new Layout Meta box. This Meta box will give you a huge setting option which is unlike other WordPress themes.


The Meta box will allow you to control many things like you can choose the number of footer widgets you want to use. You can also impair many certain elements like navigation menu, title and featured image of the post, headers, and even footer. With the use of the Meta box, you will also be able to customize the number of sidebars along with the orientation of the sidebars. That’s not all; the Meta box also enables the user to create a “container” for your page builder.


This Meta box comes in very handy if you are using a WordPress page builder because, as a developer, you can customize your whole page according to your needs and requirements. So with every content, you will be able to create a new fresh looking page using the GeneratePress theme.


  1. Customization to the maximum


GeneratePress theme comes with a special feature called WordPress Customizer, which will enable you to observe and view al your real-time changes in one place. GeneratePress theme is best known for its customization options, and you will find all the basic customizations in the basic version, however, if you want to take more control, you should opt for the premium version. The premium version will give the user options of many editing options.
For instance, you can go into the layout area, and you will find options like


  1. Footer – with this, you can control the total number of widgets on your page.
  2. Sidebar – here, you can control the total number of sidebars that you want to include.
  3. Header – In this option, you will be able to customize your header and also move it.
  4. Blog – Here, you can control and check all your settings like Meta box, size of the image, and many more.
  5. Navigation – in the navigation menu, you will find two different navigation options. You can also add sticky menus of your choice.


The typography section is also worth mentioning.
With the Typography, you will be able to fully customize your fonts, starting from its size to color and everything. You will be able to customize the fonts of all the elements and contents of your sites, and you will also be able to color every element and content of your site according to your choice.

  1. Inclusion of many prebuilt starter sites


Yes, you are reading the title correctly. I know it might sound fake, but believe me, it is true that the GeneratePress theme comes with many pre-built starter sites. SO, With the GeneratePress WordPress theme, you don’t have to go through the hassle of building your GeneratePress theme from scratch. If you are going for the premium version, then you will get access to the pre-built 25 demo sites which you can import any time and use, and don’t worry, it is an easy process to import demo sites; you can easily find these demo sites in your WordPress dashboard.


  1. Some Useful premium extensions


If you are looking for a beautiful WordPress theme that is free, then GeneratePress is the one to go for. However, even though the free version already offers an extensive range of customization, as a developer, you might want to shift to the premium version due to its more premium extensions and more controls on customization. You can even select the active features you want to use and remove the ones you will never need. In this way, your site will never get slow down.


The premium version offers unique features like:


  • Sections – It lets you make separate “segments” on a page, each with their own design and column settings.
  • Page header – With this, you can create unique and personalized different page headers for all the pages separately.
  • Elements – this premium feature is designed to enable the user to create unique page headers, layout templates, and even create custom hooks.


Pricing and Plans


Even though GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme, but to unlock all the features, you have to buy the full plan that is available for $49.95, and when you buy the premium, you will gain access to all of their 14 extensions. More interestingly, you can use the GeneratePress WordPress theme on an unlimited number of sites. Down Below, I will be pointing all the 14 different modules that you will be getting for the money you are going to pay.


  • WooCommerce You can easily control your WooCommerce site without any hassle with all the different layout and color options.
  • Elements This permits you to include your own custom substance all through different regions in the theme.
  • Menu Plus – Customize your menu in the way you want to, starting from adding sticky menus to the menu logo, slide-out menu, and many more.
  • Backgrounds – You can easily add different background images on your page.
  • Blog – Show your posts in segments (magazine) or in any style you want to. Change the post picture size and arrangement, in addition to substantially more.
  • Sections – With GeneratePress, you can create an unlimited number of sections to create layouts that are unique and attracts more readers.
  • ColorsGeneratePress premium will enable you to color every element in your blog according to your choice.
  • Typography – You will have the option to choose your font styles, sizes, and everything, and additionally, you can even download and use different fonts from the internet.
  • SpacingControl component separating, including your header, content, widgets, menu options, and sidebar width.
  • Secondary navigation – you will already have a primary navigation system, but with the GeneratePress theme, you can even add a secondary navigation option, which will have all the similar options as the primary one.
  • Copyright – You will be able to add a copyright message customized by you at the bottom of your site.
  • Hooks – Add new choices to your Dashboard that permit you to include your own customized contents all through different territories in the theme.
  • Import Exportexport and import your settings easily.


  • Disable ElementsGeneratePress allows the user to disable any unwanted elements at every page individually.

Pros and Cons

In this part of the GeneratePress theme review, we will be looking at some of the pros and cons it has to offer for the users.


  • Comes with WooCommerce integrations
  • Ease of use
  • You can customize your headers
  • Comes with free demo sites
  • Both professionals and amateur developers can use it.
  • Has both free and premium version
  • GeneratePress WordPress theme Contains quality full site templates
  • The free site templates are also nicely designed.


  • It Doesn’t contain many 3rd party integrations.
  • The free version isn’t that useful for the professionals.


Final Verdict

In this GeneratePress theme review, I tried to discuss all the areas of this theme that you need to know, and by now, after reading this article, you should have known why I said GeneratePress as the best WordPress theme ever. After being a WordPress developer for more than ten years and using hundreds of WordPress themes, none have performed as well as the GeneratePress theme in my tests. I have written this GeneratePress theme review with the intention of giving you the best WordPress theme. If you have read this article thoroughly, you should have a clear understanding of the GeneratePress theme by now. Based on the features, pros, and cons, you can easily understand whether this is the perfect theme for you or not, and should you opt for the premium version or not.

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